About Theatre

Liepaja Theatre is a professional repertoire theatre that offers a diverse and high quality repertoire, with respect and developing attitude to musical traditions and focus on a new audience and is the regional professional art center.
Our vision: We are loved at Home and recognized in Europe! 

Our values:

  • Our employs are our biggest value for reaching our goals;
  • We trust each other and respect other opinions;
  • We believe that our goals are challenging, necessary and accessible;
  • We learn and improve our professional skills to improve the development of Liepaja Theatre;
  • Each of us takes responsibility for our work;
  • We develop interrelation for a long-term development and welfare.

Theatre crtics and directors about Theatre and performances:
“Even if Liepaja Theatre is in province, it’s a very serious theatre in Latvia, with very strong actor’s troupe and a good tradition, besides the management there is wonderful. It’s not a simple provincial theatre, their repertoire is not simple and cheap, but of course they have as well some commercial performances.”
Stage director from Moscow Konstantin Bogomolov
(Константин Богомолов)”

“The first season’s premiere of Liepāja Theatre – Konstantin Bogomolov’s first per-for-mance outside Russia – Stavanger (Pulp people) has put the bar for all the Latvian theatre season really high. Stavanger is good, outstanding, exceptional. Clean in it’s style, perfectly polished, cynical, painted with a black humor – very painful portrait of the society in the 21st century. Stavanger in Liepāja Theatre is a challenge for the audience and a huge success for the theatre.”
(Līvija Dūmiņa, theatre critic)

“I am afraid to over exaggerate, but I think “Blow, wind” is the first real national musical – made in a modern stage language, that would help understand Latvian soul not only to ourselves but also people from the other countries.”
Silvija Radzobe, theatre critic